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RTO Units of competency for sale – free sample.

Our training materials are written to a set template to enable you to contextualise them and make them your own once purchased.  Assessments include:

  • Knowledge Evidence: A series of questions that can be completed in writing or responded to verbally depending on the Assessment Requirements, Conditions, and your Training and Assessment Strategy. A Knowledge Evidence Checklist is also included.
  • Elements and Performance Criteria: We provide one assessment for each Element covering all Performance Criteria in that Element, and a whole unit Practical Scenario-Based Assessment, covering all Assessment Requirements, and a series of Observation Checklists to provide you with a choice of assessment methods to suit the Assessment Requirements, Conditions, and your Training and Assessment Strategy.
  • Performance Evidence and Foundation Skills (Where not explicit in the Performance Criteria): Where these are not adequately covered by the Performance Criteria, they are inter-woven into Element and whole unit assessments. Each also has an Observation Checklist.
  • Assessment Outcomes and Results: Each section of the Assessment document (Knowledge Evidence, Performance Evidence, Elements and Performance, Foundation Skills) has an Assessment Outcome record, (Satisfactory/Not Yet Satisfactory), and there is an assessment cover sheet (Competent/Not Yet Competent) at the front of each Assessment document.

When you purchase training materials from us, you will receive them in editable Microsoft Word format. Click on each of the links below to see free limited samples.  

*RPL Kits are available at an additional cost of $330 per unit.

NOTE: The materials you purchase are a starting point and will need to be contextualised by the RTO. They can be used as they are, and all the required content is provided but to be compliant with the RTO Standards, there is some work to do to make them relevant to your RTOs target industry and learners. This includes adding further images, or replacing the images provided to suit your context and preferences, and editing them to suit your RTOs Training and Assessment Strategy.

All materials are completely editable so you can add or remove anything you want once purchased to make them your own.

Contact us to discuss ordering and payment.

RTO Units of competency for sale – free sample.