PUA60120- Advanced Diploma of Public Safety (Emergency Management)


PUA60120 – Advanced Diploma of Public Safety (Emergency Management) (Release 2)

The PUA60120 Advanced Diploma of Public Safety (Emergency Management) is designed for personnel undertaking senior emergency management responsibilities at an organisational level. This will include the management of community programs, stakeholder engagement and the negotiation of interagency memorandums of understanding.

The role of senior personnel in the management of and planning for an incident, emergency or disaster may include undertaking senior management responsibilities for managing multi-organisational teams and activities.

This qualification includes the units of competency required by senior personnel to perform a range of activities such as working with the community and other key entities prior to, during and after an incident, emergency or disaster. This involves prevention of, preparedness for, response to and recovery from such events.

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PUA – Public Safety Training Package Qualification.

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