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The simple answer is, because they can be. Our overheads are low, our profit margins are realistic and there are no printing or shipping costs associated with the sale of our products. We also want you to be able to afford our products so that you can reap the benefits of well written training and assessment resources and return to us again for more products in future. We are not going to achieve this by charging outrageous prices!
Yes, you can access free training and assessment resources samples here
Yes. You will have to contextualise the training and assessment resources to meet the needs of specific learners in the case where they are subject to specific legislation or information relevant to their state or territory or industry but the materials are provided in an easy to edit format and are flexible enough to be amended to suit your RTO's needs and those of your learners.
All of our materials are written by experts who have spent time working in the industries relating to the units and qualifications we offer. We understand that there is often a disparity between the academic intent of a unit or qualification and what actually happens in the workplace but due to our extensive professional experience as real-life practitioners in health and safety, management, training and assessment, RTO owners and material developers we have been able to bridge the gap between the often vague requirements of each unit of competency and how it can be and, more importantly, will be applied in the workplace while maintaining adherence to the intent of each requirement of the unit.
All prices are listed next to the training materials on our website. If you have queries regarding the prices of our materials please do not hesitate to contact us.
Once payment and a signed copy of the license agreement have been received, your training materials will be sent via an email containing download links on the same or next business day. We know you are purchasing them to use and we won't make you wait. Please bear in mind that we are based in Western Australia so you may not receive your materials until the next business day.
We provide you with everything that you need to get up and training in as short a time as possible. You still have to brand and contextualise the training resources but this is easy and quick to do. Each unit includes: - Learner Assessment - Learner Guide - Trainer and Assessor Guide - Assessment Mapping Document - Industry Engagement Template - Validation Checklist
Your purchased training materials will be sent via an email containing download links on the same or next business day. We know you are purchasing them to use and we won't make you wait.
Can you? You certainly can, in fact we insist on it and so will an auditor! That's right, auditors do not like to see materials purchased externally that have not been contextualised to some degree. Our products are comprehensive enough to require little contextualisation but flexible enough to make the task of contextualisation an easy one
Yes and there is no additional fee for this.
We offer our products in a neutral form that include very few images. This is not because we don’t want to spend the money on image licensing but because we understand the power of images in contextualising the training and assessment resources. Those RTO’s training in one specific area such as logistics, business or catering can add pictures that are consistent with these themes to make the learning resources more relevant to their learner groups. An RTO can change the look and feel of resources simply because they want to, it’s up to you and it’s easy to do. All of the hard work has been done for you, all you need to do is add the relevant colour scheme, logos, references to your RTO’s policies and procedures, imagery and contextualise examples and assessment themes if you choose
Our payment terms are simple. Payment in full is required to be received and cleared before your materials are issued. Please be aware of our refunds policy. In order to protect our intellectual property, once we have issued the training and assessment resources to you, you are not eligible for a refund.