PMASUP236 Operate vehicles in the field


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This unit of competency covers the skills and knowledge required to prepare and operate vehicles and related equipment to patrol pipelines or otherwise drive across a variety of terrains.

This unit of competency applies to operators who are required to check their vehicle daily for damage, ensure fuels and lubricant levels are maintained, effect minor repairs, prepare and maintain field equipment, and communicate with their base station.

In a typical scenario an operations technician patrols areas of pipeline or follows pipelines across a variety of terrains looking for problems which require maintenance or reporting, or drives to remote facilities. During the course of their work they must check the vehicle for mechanical soundness before leaving base, ensure it is securely and adequately packed, make certain their communications equipment and contact schedule are in order and generally be prepared for long periods off-road.

Generally the operations technician would be part of a team during field trips, though they may be required to undertake limited trips. At all times they would be liaising and cooperating with their base station.

Operators must have the appropriate class of driver’s licence before taking charge of the vehicle.

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  • Learner Assessment (including observation checklist)
  • Learner Guide
  • Trainer and Assessor Guide
  • Assessment Mapping Document
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Industry Engagement Template
  • Validation Checklist
  • This unit includes fully licensed images
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PMASUP236 Operate vehicles in the field is a very enjoyable unit that is suited to all persons required to operate a vehicle in the course of their work.  It covers checking the vehicle for use, planning the route and required supplies, driving a four wheel drive vehicle on a variety of terrains in different conditions including sand, rocks, mud, up-hill and down-hill and recovering an immobilised vehicle using a range of recovery gear and techniques.


PMASUP236 Operate vehicles in the field


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